Our moccasins should be ordered to fit (our sizes tend to be comparable to dress shoe and work boot sizes). Our moccasins will soften and “give” to conform to the shape of your feet, however they will not stretch.

Foot Tracings

Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins can be ordered by normal shoe size (our sizes tend to be comparable to dress shoes and work boots). If shoe size is not known or foot problems have made finding a good fit difficult, a foot tracing can be included with your order. Foot tracings should be made while STANDING and BAREFOOT. Use only a PEN or PENCILANGLE THE POINT OF THE PEN SLIGHTLY INWARD. When completed, the line of the tracing should be just barely visible outside the feet. INCLUDE YOUR NORMAL SIZE RANGE so we can judge the accuracy of the tracing. If you have a HIGH INSTEP or want us to allow extra room for multiple pairs of socks, arch supports, inner soles, etc., please note this on the tracing and give us a description of the sock thickness , arch supports, or inner soles. If you size your moccasins to wear with these items, they will fit looser without them. Please make your tracings as accurately as possible. OUR SIZING OF YOUR MOCCASINS CAN ONLY BE AS ACCURATE AS YOUR TRACING. If there is more than one half-size or one width difference between your indicated size range before any allowances are made we will contact you before we make your moccasins so please provide your mailing address and daytime number.

Delivery Times

Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins are handcrafted (If you’ve ever spoken with Carl you know that our moccasins “don’t grow on blueberry bushes”). We try to maintain a stock of standard moccasins but at times demand exceeds supply. When this happens, orders are put on “the list” and sewn in sequence by the date we receive the order. We’ll give an estimated finish date when you place your order.

Carl Dyers Original Moccasins