Custom Leather Moccasins

Quality Through The Years: A Tradition Of Excellence

Our burning desire is to create, without exception, the finest moccasins in the world. Quality is an achievement, it doesn’t just happen. The quality of our moccasins is a direct result of generations of craftsmanship.

Custom Leather Moccasins
Carl Dyer – Founder

Each pair of Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins is branded on the inside of the left moccasin. A certificate of Authenticity accompanies every pair we sell. The brand and the certificate are your assurance that the moccasins you have purchased are Carl Dyer’s Originals. Our styles have been copied, but the quality and caring that go into each pair of Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins cannot be duplicated by others.


If this is your first experience with our company, allow us to welcome you. Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins, Inc. is a small, family owned corporation located in Friendship, Indiana, which is about 40 miles southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our family has been making moccasins for about 90 years and we have some definite opinions on footwear: 


  • It better be durable.
  • It has to be well constructed.
  • It must be made of quality materials.
  • If it’s not comfortable, then who cares about all of the above. 

Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins are handcrafted, one pair at a time, by real people. No assembly line or mass production equipment can come close to duplicating the quality of our hand-fitted, hand-sewn construction. The materials we have chosen for our moccasins are the best available anywhere in the world.

Our quality control procedure is tough, but simple. We ask one question:

“Would we wear this pair of moccasins?”

 If our answer is “No,” then you won’t wear them either.

At Carl Dyer’s Original Moccasins, we think people are the most important aspect of our business. We consider our customers to be our friends (some have been around so long that they’re more like family). We try to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Without you, there is no reason for us to be in business.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce you to our moccasins. If you have any questions, give us a call.

Email us at: – (812) 667-5442


Carl Dyers Original Moccasins